Points d'intérêt


Facilities nearby

  • Swimming pool Bellerive 4 min. by car and 12 min. by bus
  • A large play area with a small train at 17 min. walk
  • A marina at 17 min. walk
  • A tennis club at 19 min. walk, 12 min. by bus
  • Paddle boats 8 min. walk
  • The Vidy Sports Center 11 min. walk
  • A bowling alley at 5 min. walk
  • The Vidy Theater at 19 min. walk

Others points of interest

The ruins of a Gallo-Roman city located just a few meters from the Relay and the Roman Museum built on an old mansion of the same period offer us a wonderful journey back in time.

The chapel of Maladière, towards the roundabout of the same name, built in 1461, was classified as a historical monument in 1900.

Many memories of the 1964 World’s Fair, including the Vidy Theater, the Pierre-de-Coubertin stadium and the esplanade des Cantons with its pyramids also offer us a journey through time.

But the hotel is mostly located less than 500 meters from the lake with its sandy beach where you can swim, and not far from there is also the pool Bellerive, one of the largest in Europe .

The site is also the rendez-vous of all sportsmen. The headquarters of the IOC, housed in the Château de Vidy is also located a few steps from the Relais. In addition, Bourget Park offers its green expanses Sunday picnickers and wooded areas to nature lovers.

Finally the Relay of Vidy is close to all means of transport. Located a few hundred meters from the exit of the motorway, several stops of the M1 metro that goes from the city center of Lausanne to Renens via the University (UNIL), not far from there and the EPFL.

Points d'intérêt


Useful informations

  • Shops at 4 min. by car / 16 min. by bus: Malley Lights (Shops, Cinema, Parking)
  • Restaurant Le Carrousel 13 min. by bus and 15 min. walk
  • University Hospital Vaudois (CHUV) 25 min. by bus and 15 min. by car

Informations pratiques


Companies nearby

  • Nespresso at 4 min. by car and 12 min. by bus
  • IMD Business School 8 min. by car and 14 min. by bus
  • Philip Morris International at 3 min. by car and 6 min. by bus
  • The Olympic Museum 12 min. by bus

HistoryRuines romaines

The story of Vidy dates back to the first century BC with the construction of Lousonna, a Roman city built near the mouth of the Flon.

At the time, no plain, but a vast marshy expanse that will remain as it was for very long centuries. It was not until the 19th century and the desire to remediate part of the site to see the first embankments on the lake.

But the birth certificate of Vidy dates back to 1959, when the communal council accepted the plan of arrangement of the places in anticipation of the Universal Exhibition of 1964.